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Al Nasr for Textile Co. LTD was founded in 1993 in Aleppo, Syria for the purpose of providing textile services, mainly dying.  It is currently operating under investment Law number 10 for 2003 more info
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Company Profile

Ever since primitive people could create, they have been endeavoring to add color to the world around them. They used natural matter to stain hides, decorate shells and feathers, and paint their story on the walls of ancient caves.

With the development of fixed settlements and agriculture around 7,000-2,000 BCE man began to produce and use textiles, and would therefore add color to them as well. Dyeing is an ancient art which predates written records.
Primitive dyeing techniques included sticking plants to fabric or rubbing crushed pigments into cloth. The methods became more sophisticated with time and techniques using natural dyes from crushed fruits, berries and other plants, which were boiled into the fabric and gave light and water fastness (resistance), were developed.

Until the mid-19th century all dyestuffs were made from natural materials, mainly vegetable and animal matter. Today, dyeing is a complex, specialized science. Nearly all dyestuffs are now produced from synthetic compounds; this means that certain application and wear characteristics have been greatly enhanced.

Trust is paramount. We honor that trust. You will always receive professional attention and the best quality products at competitive prices. We know maintaining those policies over time is the only way for you to formulate that trust in us.

We know you are concerned about value, about getting the best products for reasonable prices. We are able to be competitive because of our tremendous warehousing capabilities and pricing strategies. Most items are in stock at our large warehouse facility in Syria.

Quality is a constant at Al Nasr Textile, We provide only name brand products and stand behind them with the manufacturer. We recommend only the most durable, proven, cost-effective products to meet your needs!

Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry, and it is why we are always looking for ways to improve our products and enhance our service.

At Al Nasr Textile, we're always improving and growing.